A person 15 fifteen years and six months of age or older may apply to the division for a provisional license if the person has completed a driver education course approved by the Traffic Safety Bureau that includes a DWI prevention and education component.

A provisional license entitles the licensee, while having the license in their immediate possession, to operate a motor vehicle upon the public highways between the hours of 5:00 a.m. and midnight. A provisional licensee may drive at any hour unless otherwise restricted if:

  • Accompanied by a licensed driver who is 21 years of age or older
  • Required by family necessity as evidenced by a signed statement of a parent or guardian
  • Required by medical necessity as evidenced by a signed statement from medical personnel
  • Driving to and from work as evidenced by a signed statement from the licensee’s employer
  • Driving to and from school or a religious activity as evidenced by a signed statement of a school or religious official or a parent or guardian; or required due to a medical emergency.
  • When operating a motor vehicle, a provisional licensee may be accompanied by not more than one passenger under the age of twenty-one who is not a member of the licensee’s immediate family.

Requirements for Obtaining a Provisional License

An applicant for a provisional driver’s license must be at least 15½ years of age and must have:

  • Held an instruction permit for at least six months
  • Provided that thirty days shall be added to the six months for each adjudication or conviction of a traffic violation committed during the Time the person was driving with an instruction permit
  • Not been cited for a traffic violation that is pending at the time of application
  • Successfully completed a practice driving component
  • Including not less than 50 hours of actual driving by the applicant, including not less than 10 hours of night driving; and
    passed a road skills exam or taken a road skills exam with a MVD-contracted Driver Education School.
  • An applicant for a provisional license who cannot drive at night due to low nighttime vision may be exempted from the night driving requirement of this subsection
  • Provided that the applicant submits to the division an ophthalmologic or optometric report from a licensed ophthalmologist or optometrist who attests to the applicant’s visual condition and its effect on the applicant’s driving ability. 
  • The applicant’s parent or guardian shall certify that the applicant has completed the practice driving component.
  • If the road skills exam is given by a MVD-contracted Driver Education School, the test scores are entered on the certificate of completion and also recorded on the driver application. 
  • If the road skills exam is given by an MVD agent, and the Applicant passes the skills exam (and meets all other requirements above), the application for a provisional license shall be processed at the same time.