New Mexico DL-ID Renewal

New Mexico DL/ID Renewal   (Design this page at your discretion.  Feel free to get creative and use a promotional image or images of your choice or no images at all.)   Time to renew your New Mexico Driver’s License or Identification Card?  Don’t worry, In & Out MVD has your back and we make […]

About Real ID & FAQ

AboutREAL ID & FAQs   (Design this page with relatedpromotional images)   ABOUT REAL ID   In response to terrorism against the United States, Congress passed the REAL ID Act of 2005 which establishes minimum security standards for the issuance of Driver Licenses and ID’s.  This helps prevent fraudulent identification by requiring individuals to provide […]

Handicap Placards

HANDICAP PLACARDS Requirements Only 1 form is needed when applying for your placard. This form is used to apply for your first-time placard, for a placard renewal, and for a placard replacement. Below are the instructions for each scenario. First-Time Handicap Parking Placard Application – MVD Form 10383 will need to be filled out by […]

VIN Inspection

VIN Inspection Requirements A VIN inspection is required for vehicles coming to New Mexico from another state. All used vehicles with titles from any state other than New Mexico, being registered and titled in New Mexico, shall be visually inspected by a certified VIN inspector to verify that the vehicle identification number on the Certificate […]

Out of State Title Transfer

OUT-OF-STATE TITLE TRANSFER Requirements In New Mexico, you are required to provide specific documents to successfully transfer the title of a vehicle. In this state, you need to take the following steps to transfer a vehicle’s title: Gather proof of residency, identity, and a valid New Mexico vehicle insurance policy. Have the vehicle inspected for […]

Title & Registration

TITLE & REGISTRATION Requirements Valid identification (current driver’s license, passport or birth certificate) Vehicle title (if held by a lien holder bring name and address to request the title) Additional requirements for vehicles from other states:  Certified Vehicle inspection If you are holding your own title, you must visit a state MVD office for the inspection

Title Only

TITLE ONLY Requirements A valid New Mexico Driver’s License or ID Proof of residency (2 documents). If the address in your ID is not current, bring a utility bill The title with odometer reading Proof of insurance (liability) The Bill of Sale (or dealer documents) A clean emissions check

Standard Identification Card

These days, you need some type of photo ID to do just about everything.  From cashing a check, getting a job, picking up cough medicine or simply to verify your age, you will eventually be asked for an ID at one point or another.  A passport is useful in these cases but it’s also risky […]

Real ID Identification Card

Having some form of photo ID is critical in our world today.  At some point, you will need to verify your identity, whether you are applying for a job, housing, opening a bank account, cashing a check, enrolling in school, or even making certain purchases.  The New Mexico MVD issues secure identification cards to help […]