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Temporary Permit

A Temporary Permit, also known as a Temp Tag, may be issued to individuals under certain conditions.  The Motor Vehicle Division issues six types of Temporary Registration Permits that allow for the temporary operation of a vehicle on New Mexico streets and highways.  At In & Out MVD, our Agents are always readily available and can assist you with this simple transaction.  No appointment is ever necessary so visit us today!

These are the six (6) different types of Temporary Permits available in New Mexico:

    1. Transportation Permit (Up to 10 business days)

This Transportation Permit may be issued to a manufacturer of vehicles for the purpose of demonstrating or transporting the vehicle to a dealer’s location.  Transportation Permits will not be extended nor shall another be issued except for good cause shown.

    1. Out-of-State Transportation Permit (2 – 10 business days)

This Out-of-State Transportation Permit may be issued to out-of-state residents who purchase a vehicle in New Mexico and will be titling the vehicle in their state of residence.  Applicants must provide proof of insurance.

    1. Demonstration Permit (As long as vehicle is held in Dealer’s inventory)

Demonstration Permits are issued to licensed Dealers to allow operation of vehicles for the limited purposes of testing, demonstrating or preparing a vehicle for sale or lease.

    1. Temporary Authorization to Operate Pending Receipt of Title from Lien Holder

This permit is issued to new residents in New Mexico seeking to title a vehicle but do not have the title in their possession because it is being held by a Lien Holder.  The MVD system will generate a “Request for Lien Holder Title” form which may be used by the customer as a 30-day Temporary Permit to operate the vehicle while we wait for the title to be sent to us to finalize the Title Transfer.

    1. Temporary Commercial Vehicle Permit

These permits are only issued by the Commercial Vehicle Bureau in Santa Fe for restrictive purposes.

To apply for a Temporary Permit, you will need the following:

    • Valid New Mexico Driver’s License
    • Two (2) proofs of New Mexico Residency
      Note:  This only applies if you do not have a New Mexico Driver’s License and are applying for a Temporary Permit since these permits are only allowed for New Mexico residents.  However, this requirement does not apply for Out-of-State Transportation Permits if you live outside of New Mexico and are using your out-of-state Driver’s License to drive your recently purchased vehicle to your home state.
    • Original Certificate of Title
    • Bill of Sale – MVD Form 10009
      Note:  Only applies if the Assignment by Owner and all Reassignments by Dealer (for use by Dealers only) have been used or completed
    • Proof of Insurance

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