- Proof of identity (1 document)

- Proof of federal identification number (SSN)

- Proof of Nex Mexico residency (2 documents required)

List of Acceptable Documents

Lawful Identity and Age

What if my name is different than what is listed on my proof of identity?

You will need to present one or more of the following documents that show a clear trail of name changes.

• Marriage Certificate (s).
• Divorce Decree (s) must list previous name.
• Adoption Records.
• Court Order (s) for name change.

Must be original or certified copies One (1) of the following:

1) United States Original or Certified Copy of Birth Certificate * issued by that states Vital Statistics.
2) US Passport or US Passport card (both must be valid).
3) Affidavit of Birth issued by any Federally recognized Tribal Nation’s Vital Records.

Not all tribes are Federally recognized

4) Foreign Passport (must be valid) including:

• I-551 Stamp


• US Visa affixed accompanied by the approved I94 form documenting the applicant’s most recent admittance into the US (valid and verified by SAVE)

5) Consular Report of Birth abroad issued by US Dept. of State forms:
• FS-240,
• DS-1350
• FS-545

6) Documents issued from Department of Homeland Security or US Citizenship & Immigration Services
• Permanent Resident Card I-551
• Certificate of Naturalization DHS N-550 N-570
• Certificate of Citizenship DHS N-560 N-561
• Valid Employment Authorization I-766 I-688B

Must verify through Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlements System (SAVE)

7) Real ID Act of 2005 Driver’s License or ID Card plus 1 of the following:

• Unexpired immigrant or nonimmigrant visa status for admission into the US.
• Pending or Approved application for asylum in the US.
• Admission into the US as a refugee.
• Pending or approved application for temporary protected status in the US.
• Approved deferred Action Status.
• Pending application for the adjustment of status to legal permanent resident or conditional resident.
• Conditional permanent resident alien status.
• Other documents as DHS may designate by notice published in the Federal Register.

Documents presented must be valid and unexpired.

Identification Number One (1) of the following:
1) Social Security Card
2) W2 Form
3) SSA-1099
4) Non-SSA 1099
5) Paystub
6) Foreign Passport w/visa and I-94 (must be valid & unexpired)

**Documents in this category presented as proof of your Social Security Number must include the full and complete Social Security Number.
***All documents presented must be Original or Certified Copies.
****All documents must be legible. Faded, torn or taped documents that obscure required information cannot be accepted.

Proof of Residency

Two (2) of the following and MUST include applicants name and physical NM address:

Real property rental or purchase agreement.
*Must be current Local Property Tax Document.
*Must be most current issued by County Assessor.

The following documents must be dated within 60 days

• Utility Bill which includes water, gas, electric, propane, internet, cable, satellite (does not include cell phone bills).
• Bank, Credit Card or Mortgage Monthly Statement.
• Employment Pay stub.
• Education Institution Document which include a transcript, report card or enrollment confirmation
• City, County, State, Tribal or Federal document attesting to NM residency.
• NM Medical Assistance Card with letter from issuing agency that came with card showing name and address or profile print out from issuing agency or benefit award letter showing current benefits.
• NM Public Assistance Card with letter from issuing agency that came with card showing name and address or profile print out from issuing agency or benefit award letter showing current benefits.
• Document evidencing eligibility and proof that the applicant is currently receiving services from a non-profit organization qualified pursuant to Section 501 (C)(3) of the Federal IRS Code of 1986 provided the document displays the applicant’s physical address.

The following documents dated within 6 months and be unexpired.
• Insurance Bill, Card or Binder.
*If you are presenting a binder you must be the policy holder.
**Home, health, life, auto, homeowners and renter’s policies are acceptable.

(For Applicants under the age of 18)

• Document indicating membership in a NM religious organization issued by that organization.
• Document indicating membership in a NM sports organization issued by that organization.
• Affidavit from the applicants parent or guardian stating the applicant lives with that person as long as the affidavit is accompanied by the parent/guardian’s NM. •Driver’s License/ID Card If the parent has an out of state credential the parent must present 2 proofs of NM physical residency along with the affidavit.

  • This affidavit can be completed at MVD.
  • Documents showing only a PO Box or HC Address cannot be used.
  • Printed paperless statements are acceptable.
  • If you are married you can present proofs of residency in your spouse’s name along with the marriage certificate.