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Notary Services

Whether you need a business or personal document notarized, In & Out MVD has you covered. Our MVD Agents are Notary Officers commissioned by the State of New Mexico Secretary of State Office and are always readily available to meet all your Notary Service needs.

The most common duty of a Notary Public is to verify the identity of all signers, their willingness to sign, and witness and attest to their authentic signing of a document. Some of the most common documents our Notary Officers notarize include:

    • Affidavits
    • Power of Attorney Letters
    • Contracts
    • Wills
    • Trusts
    • Deeds

A Notary may be crucial to fulfill the purpose of some legal, business, personal, financial, or real estate documents. However, please know that our Notary Officers are not attorneys and therefore may not offer any type of legal advice, prepare, or complete any documents for you.

Important things to know:

Getting a traffic citation can be frustrating and the experience is rarely a pleasant one.  Whether it’s your first citation or first one in a long time, it is still something you must deal with and take care of sooner rather than later.  At In & Out MVD we understand you may have a busy schedule and may not have the ability to take time off work to simply take care of and pay your traffic citation.  Stop by any of our locations today and allow us to help take the stress off your busy schedule and get you “In & Out” in no time!

To notarize a document for you, you will need to bring:

  • The document you need notarized
  • Valid Driver’s License or ID

Visit us today for all your Notary Service Needs!

Getting a document notarized is a breeze, and you shouldn’t have to wait in line a long time to get it done.  In & Out MVD is committed to making all our client visits pleasant and hassle-free by offering unmatched guidance and the best customer service in our industry.  Your questions and concerns are also a top priority for us so if you have any inquiries regarding Notary Services, please do not hesitate to call us prior to your visit just to make sure you only make one hassle-free trip.  Visit us and see why we are called In & Out MVD…it’s all in our name!  Thank you for your consideration.