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Duplicate Certificate of Title

A vehicle title is a highly important document that should be in your possession and readily available for many reasons.  Unfortunately, it is also relatively easy to lose, and can also be stolen or damaged over time.  Not finding your title, may be a really stressful situation for you, especially since a vehicle title is legal proof of ownership.  For this reason, you may consider moving as quickly as you can to get it replaced and avoid any potential unwanted risks or scenarios.  Luckily, In & Out MVD has your back and we are able to assist you in replacing your original Certificate of Title immediately!  This is an important task so visit us today, no appointment is necessary and we make the process very simple and hassle-free.

A Duplicate Certificate of Title is an exact copy of the original.  The only changes made are the Title Number and address if necessary.  The applicant must be the registered owner, successor in interest or legal representative of the owner in order to apply and obtain a Duplicate Certificate of Title.  There cannot be any active liens on the vehicle either.

To process a Duplicate Certificate of Title, you will need the following:

    • VIN or License Plate Number for vehicle
    • One (1) proof of identity
    • Power of Attorney
      Note:  Only applies if the applicant is the legal representative of the registered owner
    • Release of Lien
      Note:  Only applies if there is an active lien on the vehicle’s profile in MVD records

It’s all in our name… In & Out!

Contrary to popular belief, applying and obtaining a Duplicate Certificate of Title is relatively easy, especially if you come to In & Out MVD!  We are committed to making your MVD visit simple and hassle-free by offering unmatched guidance and customer service in our industry.  Your questions and concerns are also top priority for us and we actually recommend that you call us prior to your visit just to make sure you have everything you need to process and tackle your transaction in one hassle-free trip.  Visit us and see why we are called In & Out MVD…it’s all in our name!  Thank you for your consideration.