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Citation Payments

Getting a traffic citation can be frustrating and the experience is rarely a pleasant one.  Whether it’s your first citation or first one in a long time, it is still something you must deal with and take care of sooner rather than later.  At In & Out MVD we understand you may have a busy schedule and may not have the ability to take time off work to simply take care of and pay your traffic citation.  Stop by any of our locations today and allow us to help take the stress off your busy schedule and get you “In & Out” in no time!

Important things to know:

    • Not all citation payments are paid to the State of New Mexico MVD. Double check your ticket by looking down at the bottom part of the front of your ticket and make sure “penalty assessment” is checked and the “ordinance” check box is unchecked.  If you received your citation from a qualifying agency of the State of New Mexico you may make this payment at any In & Out MVD location.
    • If the “Court Appearance” or “Traffic Arraignment” box is checked on your citation, you must appear in person in the specified Court by the date indicated on your citation. If you do not, the Court may issue a bench warrant for your arrest and your Driver’s License may be suspended.
    • The amount due per citation may vary depending on the citation given as well as the severity of the conviction.
    • Failure to pay a citation on time may result in the suspension of your Driver’s License and/or additional penalty fees.

Here’s what you need to bring:

    1. Your Traffic Citation/Ticket
      Note:  In the event you lost your Citation/Ticket, In & Out MVD may still be able to process your payment by pulling up your profile in the MVD System, however, it is still advised that you try to bring your Citation/Ticket with you.
    1. Your current Driver’s License or ID

Why In & Out MVD?

Paying a Traffic Citation should be simple, and you shouldn’t have to wait in line for hours to take care of a simple citation and move on with your busy schedule.  At In & Out MVD, we not only understand this, but we are always committed to making your MVD visit pleasant and hassle-free by offering unmatched guidance and the best customer service in our industry.  Your questions and concerns are also a top priority for us so if you have any inquiries regarding Citation Payments, please do not hesitate to call us prior to your visit just to make sure you only make one hassle-free trip.  Visit us and see why we are called In & Out MVD…it’s all in our name!  Thank you for your consideration.