Driver’s License Reinstatement

Getting your Driver’s License reinstated as quickly as possible should definitely be a priority.  Having a suspended or revoked license means you can’t drive your vehicle legally, making it impossible to drive to work or run everyday errands and potentially forcing you to find alternative transportation.  If you’re ready and eligible to have your Driver’s License reinstated then In & Out MVD can assist you in this process and get you back on the road in no time!  Visit or call us today and experience our commitment to making your MVD visit fast, efficient and hassle-free!

It is important to know that the required completion of the license revocation period must be met prior to applying for a reinstatement.  Additional requirements to reinstate a Driver’s License may also vary depending on the cause of suspension or revocation.  It is possible that a driver may have more than one adverse action on record, which will require compliance with the reinstatement requirements for each separate adverse action.  On a positive note, when multiple adverse actions appear on a driver’s record, only one reinstatement fee will be collected by MVD.

To have your Driver’s License reinstated, you will need the following:

  • If suspended for DWI:

Every first-time applicant for a New Mexico Driver’s License who is 25 years of age or over and who has been convicted of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, shall submit evidence with his application that he has successfully completed a bureau-approved DWI Prevention and Education Program.  The “None for the Road” program offered by UNM can be taken to satisfy this requirement.

  • If suspended for points:

If the applicant’s license has been suspended for points, he or she must take the Traffic Safety Bureau (TSB) approved 8 hour Driving Safety course.  A list of participating schools can be found HERE.


  • Reinstatement of driving privileges after a 5 or 10 year revocation requires an “Order of Restoration” signed by a District Judge. The Court Order must be a certified copy and the applicant must pay a reinstatement fee.
  • If a violation requiring the imposition of a revocation or suspension occurred in a commercial motor vehicle, there may be a CDL disqualification imposed in addition to the revocation or suspension. The term of the disqualification may be different from the term of the revocation or suspension.  Both, the disqualification and the revocation/suspension will be checked prior to reinstating a driver who has a conviction for a violation, which occurred in a commercial motor vehicle, and only the class of license for which the applicant is currently eligible will be reinstated.
  • In some cases, a court-ordered ignition interlock device may be required.

We will always stand by your side!

We understand some of these requirements to reinstate your Driver’s License may be confusing and even intimidating!  But don’t worry, In & Out MVD will always stand by your side to support you and make this process simple and fast!  Our friendly and knowledgeable MVD Agents are always committed to giving you the best MVD customer service experience in New Mexico!  We are looking forward to meeting you soon and earning your business but most importantly, to get you back on the road.  Visit or call us today, we are here for YOU!