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Skills Test

Road Test

A Skills Test, (also known as a Road Test), assesses your ability to safely and confidently operate a vehicle according to New Mexico state laws.  This test must be taken if you are applying for a first-time New Mexico Driver’s License or if your license has been expired over five years.  During this test, you will drive your vehicle while one of our MVD Agents examines and evaluates your ability to control it.  You may be asked to take several turns, change lanes, pass other vehicles and perform other common and essential driving maneuvers to demonstrate your ability to drive without critical errors.  If you feel confident and up to the challenge, In & Out MVD has your back!  Visit or call us to schedule your Road Test appointment and obtain your New Mexico Driver’s License today!  We offer all the testing and services needed to assist you in this process and to obtaining that sense of freedom that comes with your New Mexico Driver’s License.

For some, the hardest part of passing a Road Test may be dealing with the nerves of driving a vehicle while being monitored and examined by an MVD Agent.  Don’t worry, we don’t want you to fail and we will never try to trick you or ask you to do anything dangerous or illegal.  Our MVD Agent will only be there to evaluate your driving and ensure that you are a safe driver.  Practice and review your driver’s manual so you can enter your Road Test with confidence and fight back any nerves!

Important things to know before you take a Road Test

    • You must take and pass the Knowledge Test (Written Test) prior to taking the Road Test
    • This test is not required if you have a current out-of-state Driver’s License
    • You are required to provide the vehicle in which the Road Test will be taken and it must be of the same class of the type of license you are applying for
    • The vehicle and its equipment must be in good working order. The MVD Agent will perform a simple walk-through inspection of the vehicle prior to the Road Test to check the following equipment:
      • Seatbelts
      • Windshield and all Windows
      • Rear View Mirror(s)
      • Muffler
      • Parking Brake
      • Horn
      • Wipers
      • Head & Tail Lamps
      • Brake Lights
      • Front & Rear Signals
      • Speedometer
    • Other passengers, children or pets are not allowed in the vehicle during a Road Test
    • The current certificate of registration must be in the vehicle and you must provide proof of current insurance
    • Due to COVID, certain areas of the vehicle may be wiped down/disinfected by the MVD Agent (Mostly where the MVD Agent will be seating)
    • If you are applying for an ignition interlock license, the vehicle must be equipped with an ignition interlock device
    • Due to inclement weather, your Road Test may have to be rescheduled as no test will be given under hazardous road conditions (At MVD Agent’s discretion)
    • Any applicant who fails this test must wait at least one week to re-take it again
    • Use the following links to download and study the New Mexico MVD Driver’s License Manuals:

What documents are required to take a Skills Test (Road Test):

    • One (1) form of identification
    • Learner’s Permit (If applicable)

We are here for YOU!

We understand a Road Test may be nerve-racking and even intimidating to some but don’t worry, In & Out MVD is always just one call away to promptly answer any questions you may have about Road Tests.  We aim to offer guidance and ease the process to ensure a calm and confident mindset to help you tackle this necessary task to get you on the road to freedom and success!  Getting plenty of rest is also essential prior to taking any test and studying the related manual as well.  We are committed to giving you the best MVD customer service experience in New Mexico and would love the opportunity to earn your business.  Visit or call us today, we are here for YOU!