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About Us

About Us At In & Out MVD, our unwavering dedication is to provide top-notch MVD services. Since our establishment in 2008, we have become a trusted MVD Partner Office in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and the surrounding areas. With our experienced and dynamic MVD team, we take pride in serving our local community as well as […]

Notary Services

Notary Services Whether you need a business or personal document notarized, In & Out MVD has you covered. Our MVD Agents are Notary Officers commissioned by the State of New Mexico Secretary of State Office and are always readily available to meet all your Notary Service needs. The most common duty of a Notary Public […]

VIN Inspections

VIN Inspections What is a VIN Inspection: A VIN Inspection is a physical inspection of a vehicle’s unique identification number and is performed by a licensed and certified MVD Agent to confirm that the VIN matches all parts of the vehicle and that it is valid.  VIN Inspections are most commonly required in New Mexico […]

Title Transfer & Registration

Title Transfer & Registration A Title Transfer and Registration is essential when buying a new or used vehicle.  In order to transfer and register a vehicle into your name, you will need some documents that are required by MVD related to your specific scenario.  However, there is no need to worry, In & Out MVD […]

Title Transfer & Registration NR

Title Transfer & Registration For new residents in New Mexico If you are new to the Land of Enchantment, WELCOME!  As a New Mexico resident, one of your priorities should be to transfer your vehicle’s Title and Registration to New Mexico.  In & Out MVD can assist you in this process to get you on […]

Title Transfer & Registration MH

Title Transfer & Registration For Manufactured Homes Whether you’re thinking about buying a Manufactured Home (AKA Mobile Home) or already purchased one, it’s important for you to know that Manufactured Homes also need to be titled and registered at MVD just like vehicles.  Every Manufactured Home, when driven or moved upon a highway, is subject […]

Temporary Permit

Temporary Permit A Temporary Permit, also known as a Temp Tag, may be issued to individuals under certain conditions.  The Motor Vehicle Division issues six types of Temporary Registration Permits that allow for the temporary operation of a vehicle on New Mexico streets and highways.  At In & Out MVD, our Agents are always readily […]

Standard Identification Card

Standard Identification Card These days, you need some type of photo ID to do just about everything.  From cashing a check, getting a job, picking up cough medicine or simply to verify your age, you will eventually be asked for an ID at one point or another.  A passport is useful in these cases but […]

Standard Driver’s License

Standard Driver’s License In the United States, it is required for anyone who operates a vehicle on public roads to have a valid Driver’s License.  Over time, the requirements to obtain one have evolved along with the types of Driver’s licenses issued.  On the bright side, having one comes with many benefits such as having […]

Skills Test (Road Test)

Skills Test Road Test A Skills Test, (also known as a Road Test), assesses your ability to safely and confidently operate a vehicle according to New Mexico state laws.  This test must be taken if you are applying for a first-time New Mexico Driver’s License or if your license has been expired over five years.  […]